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(800) 233-4013

In addition to protecting your smile, dental insurance helps pay for dental care and usually includes regular checkups, cleanings and X-rays. Several studies suggest that oral diseases, such as periodontitis (gum disease), can affect other areas of your body—including your heart. Receiving regular dental care can protect you and your family from the high cost of dental disease and surgery.

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(800) 233-4013

Driving to work, reading a news article and watching TV are all activities you likely perform every day. Your ability to do all of these activities, though, depends on your vision and eye health. Vision insurance can help you maintain your vision as well as detect various health problems.

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Educator Disability

(281) 517-5466

Educator Disability Insurance is designed to maximize flexibility and simplicity. This insurance can pay you a weekly benefit if you have a covered disability that keeps you from working. As long as you remain disabled, you can continue to receive benefits. You have a choice of coverage amounts and benefit durations.

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Basic Life/AD&D

(800) 628-8600

Life insurance can help provide for your loved ones if something where to happen to you.

Voluntary Life/AD&D

Some employees may want to purchase additional coverage. Think about your personal circumstances. Are you the sole provider for your household? What other expenses do you expect in the future (for example, college tuition for your child)? Depending on your needs, you may want to consider buying supplemental coverage.

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Universal Life with Long-term Care

(866) 851-2429

A fully-portable Universal Life solution addresses differing employee needs for permanent life insurance. This is available for employees, their spouse, and their children. This plan offers flexible, comprehensive benefits and enables you to adjust your death benefit, cash value, and premiums as your financial needs change.

Hospital Indemnity

(866) 851-2429

Hospital Indemnity Insurance is designed to help provide financial protection for covered individuals by paying a benefit due to a hospitalization. Employees can use the benefit to meet the out-of-pocket expenses and extra bills that can occur.

Critical Illness with Cancer

(866) 851-2429

A Critical Illness plan protects you and your family in the event of a serious illness or other medical condition with portable coverage. Payments are made directly to the employee and can be applied to claims, household bills, or other expenses as needed. In addition, the Benefit Pool available to you refills at the first day of the year.

Genomic Life

  (844) 694-3666 Video

Genomic medicine turns personal genetic insights into impactful clinical actions. It can transform employee healthcare journeys into personalized, predictive, and proactive experiences — providing the information and expertise to members and their doctors precisely when needed.

MetLife Cancer Plan

  (800) 845-7519 Video

Cancer insurance works to supplement your medical coverage — and pays in addition to what your medical plan may or may not cover. It’s coverage that provides financial support when you or a loved one become seriously ill.

Accident Insurance

(866) 851-2429

You do everything you can to keep your family safe, but accidents do happen. Take comfort knowing you have help to manage the medical costs associated with accidental injuries that occur both on- and off-the-job

ARAG Legal

  (800) 247-4184 Videos

Whether you’re dealing with an existing legal or financial concern, or preparing for an unexpected situation, a legal insurance plan helps shield your family and savings from unexpected legal issues.

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Identity Theft

(800) 789-2720

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime. With Identity Theft Protection, you can rest easier knowing you have experienced professionals in your corner helping you restore your identity.

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Medical Transport

(800) 643-9023

Many American employers and employees believe that their health insurance policies cover most, if not all ambulance expenses. The truth is, they DO NOT!

Even after insurance payments for emergency transportation, you could receive a bill up to $5,000 for ground ambulance and as high as $70,000 for air ambulance. The financial burdens for medical transportation costs are very real.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

At some point, we all need help coping or making difficult decisions. The Employee Assistance Program makes it easy to access support, guidance and resources.

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Travel Assistance

(800) 872-1414

Things can happen on the Road.  Rely on Travel Assistance when you’re 100 miles or more away from home.  You, your spouse, and your children up to age 26 are covered.